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  • Would Quora be better off without images in answers?

    I'm ambivalent.  On the one hand, Robert Frost makes some excellent points.  On the other hand, here on Quora, images in answers are more often used to distract rather than to inform.  I love seeing pictures when the question's about places or food.  Diagrams that illustrate how something works are even better.  Kudos to those who use images that way.  By contrast, to hell with people who constantly add totally irrelevant meme pictures or (worst of all IMO) graphics that supposedly illustrate a point but really only convey about two words' worth of information.  I think such answers should be strongly downvoted, but instead they usually get massive upvotes and Top Writer nominations so I guess that's a lost cause.

    I don't think Quora would be better off without any images at all, but I do think it would be better off with fewer than there are now.

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