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  • Why does it seem that children are always the victims in conflicts between Israel and Hamas?
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    Remember These Children is an organization run by the American Educational Trust that documents the deaths of children from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They list the name, ages, and causes of death of the children killed since 2000.

    This afternoon, I took it upon myself to go through this site and code each child's entry for their cause of death. It looks like, on both sides, children are killed because they are caught in the crossfire.  Now, I'm no specialist when it comes to military jargon, so if there are any categories here that need to be combined, separated, revised, etc... please let me know.

    Total Deaths:
    Israel: 131, Palestine: 1540
    I managed to grab all 131 of the Israeli entries. However, it would see that the Remember These Children website is either missing a couple Palestinian entries or my eyesight is deteriorating more quickly than I thought. In this study, n = 1490 for the Palestinian population because I either managed to skip over some entries, or the website has an up-to-date total but has not finished processing the deaths from the recent fighting. Likely a combination of the two.

    Compared to total death toll, the deaths of Israeli children make up 12% of all deaths, and the deaths of Palestinian children make up 22% of all deaths:

    Of the Israeli children that were killed, the main causes of death were suicide bombers, gunfire, and rockets.
    Of the Palestinian children who were killed, the leading causes of death were gunfire, missile strikes, and shelling.

    Now, I know a lot of people have been talking lately about how the Palestinian death toll is so high because missiles can't differentiate between the children in a school and the Hamas agents operating out of it, but by and large, the deaths of Palestinian children came from gunfire, not missiles; 48% compared to 16%. Bullets are easier to direct than missiles, right?

    A lot of people also make the claim that the children that are killed by Israel are just Hamas agents starting at a young age. In the data I collected, only 37 of the dead children had been participating in Hamas activities.

    I did not include "attending demonstrations" or "throwing rocks" in this graph because it seems absurd to me that people should be killed for doing either.

    To put these two death tolls in perspective, Israel has killed 1,076% more Palestinian children than Palestine has Israeli. 200% more Palestinian children have been run down in Israeli vehicles as Israeli children have been killed by Palestinian rockets. Palestine uses crude, low-tech attacks that have a limited range of impact. Israel makes heavier use of high-tech, long-range weaponry.

    I'm going to be reviewing and expanding upon my data collection and analysis this coming weekend. I intend to include information about changes in cause of death over the years and information on the ages of the children killed, but please let me know if there are any other data you would find helpful or interesting!

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