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  • For music production, should I use a Xeon or i7 processor?

    For a hexacore chip, the advantages of a Xeon only come into play if you need ECC RAM... which you don't.

    The principal advantage of a Xeon in this footprint is that you can run two of them. If you're not going to add a second Xeon later, and you're going to run a single Xeon there is virtually no reason to get one. An i7 - 5820K will do just fine (unless you need gobs and gobs of PCI-e lanes, in which case, a 5930k is better... but unless you need the gobs of lanes, save yourself the $200.)

    For a single CPU machine, you need to exceed 8 cores before Xeons provide an advantage vs a stock clocked i7 of the current generation.

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