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  • Is there a finite or an infinite amount of things to learn about this piece of cheerio?

    UPDATE (Feb 28, 2015): After reassessing the wording of the question, I decided that the phrase "things to learn" puts the emphasis on the potentiality of what can be learned about the cheerio, rather than the human ability to carry out that learning. Based on the wording, it is irrelevant whether a form of intelligent life (human or otherwise) could live forever to realize that learning.

    If the cheerio exists relative to an infinite number of anything else (objects, perspectives, dimensions, realities, etc.), then there are infinite things to learn about it (because it can be compared to or described in a relative relationship with an infinite number of other things).



    Here are four possibilities:

    a) the properties of a cheerio are infinite
    b) the human capacity to analyze a cheerio is infinite
    c) both are infinite
    d) neither is infinite

    Answer "a" is a theoretical physics question. Answer "b" is clearly incorrect, because people die. Therefore "a" and "d" enter the runoff. If the cheerio has infinite levels of physical interaction or exists in an infinite number of alternate realities/dimensions, it could be said to have infinite qualities.

    But, if we take the wording of your question literally (namely, its emphasis on "learning"), then the answer is no. Humans have a limited capacity for learning. Even if the cheerio has infinite properties, a human could never learn them all. Otherwise, we would get bored.

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