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  • What are the coolest things that rich people do?

    Steve Wozniak legally makes his own $2 bills.  He was one of the founders of Apple right alongside Steve Jobs.  Suffice it to say he's pretty rich.
    Steve Wozniak carries around pads of $2 bills that he tries to pay for things with.  Whenever he goes shopping he just pulls out his pad of bills, tears off the appropriate number of bills, and hands the cashier the bills.  Many people won't accept it because they think it's fake money.
    To make them, he buys sheets of $2 bills from the US Treasury and has a local printing company glue them together like a notepad and perforate the bills.  Each $2 bill costs him about $3 to make.
    He's been stopped by the Secret Service multiple times, one of the times even being read his Miranda rights.
    Why does he do it?  Entirely to confuse people and entertain himself.
    He talks about it in an interview, which is well worth watching:
    On his website he also recounts his experience of showing his fake ID to the Secret Service while being investigated for using the bills: Welcome to Woz.org

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